Streib. Outplacement.

Why it Pays off to Take us Aboard

  1. Our first priority is the quality of our services.
  2. The programs are carefully tailored to the clients.
  3. We develop a profound evaluation of the clients' current career situation.
  4. High-quality psycho-diagnostic assessments are carried out by external psychologists.
  5. Highly qualified consultants with different specializations are available.
  6. We are well-networked with large companies and SMEs in the region of Basel.
  7. We know the habits and needs of recruiting HR departments and prepare our clients accordingly.
  8. Streib Outplacement is a specialized, independent company with a clear profile in outplacement (no recruitment/selection services!)
  9. We enjoy a privileged location in the heart of Basel - a few meters from public transportation and parking.
  10. We provide clients with a first-class infrastructure: spacious rooms, large and bright workshop room, fully equipped workstations, internet café, and a client web center.