Streib. Outplacement.

Outplacement: Opportunity for New Development

Healthy companies transform constantly and keep moving, especially in phases of economic and social change. Strategic and organizational change processes can cause constellations, in which existing technical and social skills no longer fit into the new situation. The company and the affected managers and employees can no longer operate optimally and constrain each other in their development. In such cases, outplacement is a key element for a fair and respectful separation. It opens room to maneuver for both sides, and suggests possible new opportunities and career prospects.

Determined and Committed to Our Clients

Taking into account the specific circumstances and needs of individuals, Streib Outplacement leads the involved parties carefully and professionally through the process of career transition. As a consultant and sparring partner, we respect each individual personality and motivate clients with psychological sensitivity to tackle their ambitious development task courageously and creatively.

We are not satisfied with the first solution. The commitment to our clients requires that we challenge and promote them, confront them with new ideas, that we question deadlocked perceptions and bring in new perspectives. We will do everything to ensure that managers and employees affected by dismissal will receive exactly that new job that is the best match for their profile and defined career development goals.