Streib. Outplacement.

Navigated Careers. Career Change With Strategy

We understand reorientation as a development journey that demands courage, creativity and conscious navigation. Streib Outplacement leads clients to the goal in five stages. Before taking the first step of the journey, a detailed analysis of the starting situation is required. To this end, clients must first be aware of their strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms. Only those who are in good contact with their own personality can recognize and define their objectives.

The trip must be well prepared and the right equipment needs to be carried on board. Before weighing anchor, it is necessary to be willing to let go of the old and leave it behind. And it takes courage to face known and perhaps even unknown challenges posed by the process itself. Along the way, the course will have to be checked again and again, and it will have to be adjusted to new conditions. Finally, the client will arrive at the port of destination, satisfied and knowing: This is the right place!

The Five Phases in the Process of Outplacement

Coping With the Separation

The outplacement program begins by picking up the clients where they are, both mentally and emotionally. We help them to accept the dismissal, to mobilize resources and identify opportunities for action. Together we create a communicable transition statement and draw up a rough timetable for the upcoming activities.


What are the insights and conclusions on the career so far? Which key skills do the clients have? What are their strengths and interests? Which measures could increase their employability? In a psycho-diagnostic assessment by a specialized external psychologist, we create a personal profile and discuss eligible new activity areas. Together we develop viable career perspectives and challenging new career goals, taking into account current developments in the labor market and the clients’ individual performance potential and desires.

Preparing and Marketing

We prepare our clients for the challenges in the labor market. We develop the appropriate combination of methods for finding a job and plan the job campaign with a plan of action. We show the methods and tools to make searching for a new employment efficient. We work on self-marketing, show how professional application documents are prepared and coach our clients for networking and for interviews.


We accompany our clients in the practical implementation of the search strategy on the labor market. We are discussion partner, advisor and coach. We assist in the evaluation of specific open positions and support our clients in all measures to obtain the desired new job.

Introduction to the New Job

An ideal preparation for the new position ensures a successful start on the new job. We identify specific challenges when comparing key requirements with the personality profile. In the first few weeks on the new job, we coach our clients as needed.


Based on a self-assessment, self-employment can also be sought as an alternative to a new job. Streib Outplacement also supports and coaches those clients who opt for this route, with commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm.
To support the change to self-employment and for financial planning, insurance and taxation, specialists will give advise.